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“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God”  Psalm 46:4

Minstrel Streams is Matt and Rebecca Stuart - a married couple who have also married their talents.

 Creating new songs and music are what Matt (piano, keyboards and guitar) and Rebecca (flute) passionately enjoy doing. Since they are both composers and musicians, writing songs that bring sensations of peace, joy, encouragement and inspiration to listeners is fun! Their unique gift of generating sounds that bring healing to others is remarkable. Their unique style has been described as a fusion of classical, folk, and world music – both spiritual and lyrical. Matt and Rebecca describe their music as “psalms without words.”  When asked how they accomplish this, they answer, ”We cannot take lightly the God given gift that we have. Our destiny in life is to use this gift to share with others. Our hope is that they, in turn, can enjoy what our music offers - joy, peace, love, hope and mercy. Life truly is wonderful, and we want our listeners to expect and receive beauty into their own lives.”

Minstrel Streams' genre can be described as Instrumental / Inspirational / Cinematic.

In the words of reviewer Kathy Parsons ( "Minstrel Streams endeavors to express the wonder and beauty of life and do an excellent job of it!"

Bill Binkelman of Zone Music Reporter says, " while listening... I recalled many classic recordings from the days of both Windham Hill and Narada in that the music has that "classic" acoustic sound present on both labels, especially at their outset. There is a sonic richness and an emotional depth present here that goes beyond just "good music and well played."

Minstrel Streams will warm your hearts and souls. Share the experience!