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Matt & Rebecca Stuart (Minstrel Streams): License/Scores

According to Wikipedia...

Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work. A purchaser has limited rights to use the work without a separate agreement.

A license is the right, granted by the copyright holder or his/her agent, for the broadcast, recreation, or performance of a copyrighted work. Types of licensing contracts can include: 1) a flat fee for a defined period of usage, or 2) royalty payments determined by the number of copies of the work sold or the total revenues acquired as a result of its distribution. In addition to a basic fee, most music licensing agreements require additional payments to the copyright owner when the work in which it is included (movie, play) is financially successful above a certain threshold.


The music of Minstrel Streams is available for licensing. Minstrel Streams owns and controls all the rights to their music...copyrights, publishing, and ownership of master recordings. They are also signatories with BMI (performing rights).
Minstrel Streams music can support and enhance your, television, or advertising.

Their music library can be sampled on this website with the "Music" tab on the navigation bar. They are well versed composers who  work within various genres.
Licensing fees are negotiable depending on various factors including your budget. Simply contact Minstrel Streams through the contact page on this website. 

For your licensing needs, Minstrel Streams can provide high quality mp3 and/or WAV files.

Minstrel Streams can create beautiful and enhancing music for your project. They can write cues and scores from two seconds to two hours.

Their music has been described as thematic and cinematic...gravitating from classical, to folk, to world music...sometimes blending genres and exploring new ones.

The heart, soul, and core of Minstrel Streams music is the husband/wife musical duo of Matt and Rebecca Stuart...Matt playing piano/keyboards and acoustic guitar; and Rebecca playing orchestral flute and Native American flutes.

Digital Audio Workstation -  Studio One 3 Professional
     FaderPort™ 8: 8-channel Mix Production Controller
     Eris E4.5 2-Way Active Studio Monitors
     AudioBox USB 96 - Interface
     Notion 6 - music notation

Virtual Instrument Sample Library -
      Presence XT - PreSonus Studio Grand
      Presence XT  - PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra
      Eighty Eight Ensemble by SONiVOX
      Garritan - World Instrument Collection
M-Audio Midi Keyboard Controller -
      Hammer 88
Acoustic Instruments -
      Yamaha B3 Studio Upright Piano
      Taylor 710 Acoustic Guitar 
      Kremona Fiesta Classical Guitar
      Gemeinhardt Millennium Limited Orchestral Flute
      High Spirits Native American Flutes


"I recalled many classic recordings from the days of both Windham Hill and Narada in that the music has that 'classic' acoustic sound present on both labels, especially at their outset. There is a sonic richness and an emotional depth present here that goes beyond just good music and well played...the music has a timeless grace, a rich beauty, and an overwhelmingly lovely and simple charm, (simple meaning not cluttered with artifice or embellished needlessly)."


"In these gentle streams, one can hear the dialog of the past and the present. Subtle vibrations of notes touch indescribable and hidden corners of the soul, closely associated with the small part of the divine within each of us. Harmony and light rhythms beckon for non-stop ringing streams of inspiration that invite the listener to a long and exciting journey.  As part of this journey, the listeners can push themselves further and further into the horizon to discover new worlds filled with light and warmth. In this sense the magic – which may be associated with minstrels from the time of dawn – may be rooted in much more ancient times."

       Sergey Oreshkin - Ascentor (Russia)






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