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Matt & Rebecca Stuart (Minstrel Streams): Products

New Horizon - CD



Minstrel Streams (Matt & Rebecca Stuart) ventured to Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios in Windham County, Vermont to record their latest CD. Musical magic happened in the mountains of southern Vermont.

This beautiful album features Matt Stuart playing a Steinway B Grand Piano and Taylor acoustic guitar; and Rebecca Stuart playing a Gemeinhardt flute and Native American flutes. They were also joined by many wonderful musicians such as:
Eugene Friesen (GRAMMY winning cellist); Jill Haley (English Horn); Paul Kochanski (string bass); Matt Heaton (Bodhran drum); Noah Wilding (vocals); and Tom Eaton (percussion and accordian).

This inspired CD covers a spectrum of styles...from the classically flavored "Ancient Mariner" and "Come to the Waters" to the Native American themed "Dawn Rising" and "Visions for Tomorrow." World music elements can be found in "Memories of Kyoto" and "Celestial's Rainbow" (Celtic and Spanish).

Special thanks to Tom Eaton for his excellent job of recording, mixing, and mastering; and Will Ackerman for enabling this project.

"New Horizon" has received worldwide radio play and is featured on Pandora and television's Music Choice "Soundscapes." This beautiful CD was also a GRAMMY contender.


Minstrel Streams - CD

    Matt and Rebecca's album, "Minstrel Streams", has been hailed as beautiful, romantic and passionate. These unique compositions promote joy, peace, love, mercy and healing through rich musical expression. The selections feature Matt on piano and acoustic guitar, and Rebecca on flute.

Many have experienced beautiful visions while listening. Touching hearts and souls with music is the purpose of this wonderful album. Open yourself up for a wonderful experience as you listen to the classically inspired "Tree of Life," and "Riversong." Passion flows through the Flamenco song, "La Fiesta," and one can hear voices calling for healing in 'Whispering Winds." A sense of joy can be found in the folksy "Sonnet of the Fields."

Their unique musical style is lyrical, spiritual, and mystical. "Minstrel Streams" is a must-have addition to any music collection. 


On Earth As It Is In Heaven - CD



Music  should touch the heart and soul of the listener, and Matt and Rebecca Stuart’s music does just that. From feeling happiness and joy while listening to “Hills of Joy” and “The Piper”, to experiencing the soothing touch of “The Healer” are just some examples of this. Moods also change when the instruments are used for a variety of musical experiences, including folk guitar/flute combinations, solo keyboard, and keyboard/flute duets. There is a Celtic touch in the song “Emerald Eyes”, a classical sound in “The Gift”, and a comfortable “folksy” feeling in “The Gathering”. With such a variety of music, this CD will bring delight to all of its listeners.


High Spirits Flutes

Cradle of the Moon - Solo piano CD


Matt Stuart's original piano compositions are a blend of classical, folk, and world music. His unique style has been described as spiritual, lyrical, mystical, and passionate. His music touches the hearts and souls of his listeners. Matt sees music as a means to communicate that which is beyond words. It is a means to communicate profound meaning though music that is both accessible and moving. He seeks to bring the listener into a place of peace, joy, and wonder.

In the artist's own words, "Cradle of the Moon" is one of the most inspired works I've ever done. Every aspect of the project fit together wonderfully. I had the honor to work with award-winning producer Dennis Dragon and world class engineer Emmett Sargeant. The album was recorded over three magical nights at Tantrum Studios ("Abbey Road West") in Montecito, CA. in April 2007 on a Yamaha CS Concert Grand Piano.