Minstrel Streams Music Licensing And Scoring



The music of Minstrel Streams is available for licensing. Minstrel Streams owns and controls all the rights to their music...copyrights, publishing, and ownership of master recordings. They are also signatories with BMI (performing rights).
Minstrel Streams music can support and enhance your, television, or advertising.
Their music library can be sampled on this website with the "Music" tab on the navigation bar. They are well versed composers who  work within various genres.
Licensing fees are negotiable depending on various factors including your budget. Simply contact Minstrel Streams through the contact page on this website. 
For your licensing needs, Minstrel Streams can provide high quality mp3 and/or WAV files.
Minstrel Streams can create beautiful and enhancing music for your project. They can write cues and scores from two seconds to two hours.
Their music has been described as thematic and cinematic...gravitating from classical, to folk, to world music...sometimes blending genres and exploring new ones.
The heart, soul, and core of Minstrel Streams music is the husband/wife musical duo of Matt and Rebecca Stuart...Matt playing piano/keyboards and acoustic guitar; and Rebecca playing orchestral flute and Native American flutes.
Digital Audio Workstation -  Studio One 4 Professional

     FaderPort™ 8: 8-channel Mix Production Controller
     Eris E4.5 2-Way Active Studio Monitors
     Studio 68 - Interface
     Notion 6 - music notation
Virtual Instrument Sample Library -
      Presence XT - PreSonus Studio Grand
      Presence XT  - PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra
      Eighty Eight Ensemble by SONiVOX
      Garritan - World Instrument Collection
M-Audio Midi Keyboard Controller -
      Hammer 88
Acoustic Instruments -
      Yamaha B3 Studio Upright Piano
      Taylor 710 Acoustic Guitar 
      Kremona Fiesta Classical Guitar
      Gemeinhardt Millennium Limited Orchestral Flute
      High Spirits Native American Flutes

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"Ancient Mariner" Video

From the DVD "New Horizon" by Aerial Ambience - a collaborative effort between Minstrel Streams and Sky Lakes Media to create stunning scenic videos and beautiful music to calm the soul and relax the mind.



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