Cradle of the Moon

by Matt Stuart

Released 2007
Released 2007
Inspirational, neoclassical, new age solo piano
Matt Stuart's original piano compositions are a blend of classical, folk, and world music. His unique style has been described as spiritual, lyrical, mystical, and passionate. His music touches the hearts and souls of his listeners. Matt sees music as a means to communicate that which is beyond words. It is a means to communicate profound meaning though music that is both accessible and moving. He seeks to bring the listener into a place of peace, joy, and wonder.

In the artist's own words, "Cradle of the Moon" is the most inspired work I've ever done. Every aspect of the project fit together wonderfully. I had the honor to work with award-winning producer Dennis Dragon and world class engineer Emmett Sargeant. The album was recorded over three magical nights at Tantrum Studios ("Abbey Road West") in Montecito, CA. in April 2007 on a Yamaha CS Concert Grand Piano.

BIO: Matt began playing the piano at the age of four. As a young child, he studied piano at the Northwestern University Conservatory of Music in his native Chicago - concentrating on the works of the classical masters. He displayed a passion for music immediately. His parents were fans of the cinema - taking him and his younger brother to movies every weekend. He was intrigued by the musical scores of the films and immediately upon returning home would sit down at the piano and play the movie themes. As a child, Matt was particulary inspired by Miklos Rozsa's score to the film "Ben Hur" - seeing the film initially three times "just to hear the music."

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