Minstrel Streams - CD

                        Matt and Rebecca's album, "Minstrel Streams", has been hailed as beautiful, romantic and passionate. These unique compositions promote joy, peace, love, mercy and healing through rich musical expression. The selections feature Matt on piano and acoustic guitar, and Rebecca on flute.

Many have experienced beautiful visions while listening. Touching hearts and souls with music is the purpose of this wonderful album. Open yourself up for a wonderful experience as you listen to the classically inspired "Tree of Life," and "Riversong." Passion flows through the Flamenco song, "La Fiesta," and one can hear voices calling for healing in 'Whispering Winds." A sense of joy can be found in the folksy "Sonnet of the Fields."

Their unique musical style is lyrical, spiritual, and mystical. "Minstrel Streams" is a must-have addition to any music collection. 


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"Ancient Mariner" Video

From the DVD "New Horizon" by Aerial Ambience - a collaborative effort between Minstrel Streams and Sky Lakes Media to create stunning scenic videos and beautiful music to calm the soul and relax the mind.



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