On Earth As It Is In Heaven - CD


EHfrontCover225.jpg                    Music  should touch the heart and soul of the listener, and Matt and Rebecca Stuart’s music does just that. From feeling happiness and joy while listening to “Hills of Joy” and “The Piper”, to experiencing the soothing touch of “The Healer” are just some examples of this. Moods also change when the instruments are used for a variety of musical experiences, including folk guitar/flute combinations, solo keyboard, and keyboard/flute duets. There is a Celtic touch in the song “Emerald Eyes”, a classical sound in “The Gift”, and a comfortable “folksy” feeling in “The Gathering”. With such a variety of music, this CD will bring delight to all of its listeners.


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"Ancient Mariner" Video

From the DVD "New Horizon" by Aerial Ambience - a collaborative effort between Minstrel Streams and Sky Lakes Media to create stunning scenic videos and beautiful music to calm the soul and relax the mind.



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